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Pricing structure


Pricing the paintings is something that artists are very reluctant to discuss on their websites. Often one just sees an image and a price next to it, and that's about it. I won't touch on an art pricing mystery on completed pieces - this is something that is very difficult to explain, and artists often don't know themselves why some of their works are closer to their heart (and therefore, dearer) than others. But I can explain the pricing behind my commissions for "interior portraits" of the houses. 


The price of such a piece is driven by 2 simple factors:  time and location. A large picture of a house overseas, with a complex interior, lots of columns, ceiling painting, intricate architectural detailing and lavish furniture takes many times longer to draw and paint than a smaller-size painting of a comparatively modest room with a flat ceiling and simple furnishings, located in London. A small landscape takes even less time. A small  35x45 cm view of a countryside may take as little as 5 days to draw and paint, whereupon some of my large complex historic interiors may take 6 weeks or more to accomplish. A large proportion of this time would be spent on constructing an elaborate perspective drawing on which the painting will be based. 


This helps to explain why a small 35x45 cm landscape  may cost 20 times less than a large 50x70 cm historic interior.


The final price will also depend on the scale of other costs incurred, such as travel, subsistence, accommodation on site, etc. All expenses are charged at cost. For a domestic interior such as a country house I would need several visits  on site, depending on the number and complexity of its interiors. During this time I will make numerous sketches, tonal & colour studies and photographs. The weather is a very important factor, as sunlight is an intrinsic element in my interior paintings. 


For each project I prepare a detailed estimate and a clear explanation of the style and size of the picture. All my paintings are in layered watercolour. I am very flexible and always like to find out what style and feeling the Client would like to see in the picture of his choice. 

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