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The Caribbean


This section shows some of my most cheerful work, as Caribbean Isles is the place where I feel my happiest. These pictures were painted  for pure pleasure. I didn't have to do them, I was just happily sitting there in my bikinis near the impossibly turquoise sea, under the palm tree, or by the pool, and drinking not just another Pina Colada but also that incredible vibe of happiness, which can be found only there and there alone  - in Antigua, Grenada, St Lucia, Barbados... I would give anything in the world to live there permanently, or at least 6 months a year. Who knows - may be one day my dream will come true! 


NB This page contains quite a few  images so it sometimes takes a little longer to load - please be patient - the images will appear below this text in a few seconds! 

At the Admiral's Inn, Antigua
Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua
The Red golf-cart, Jolly Harbour
The view from villa 236B
The view from Villa 459, St James's
Soufriere High St, St Lucia
St James' Club, Antigua
St James' Club 1, Antigua
From Villa 251, Jolly Harbour
Admiral's Inn, Antigua
Grenada beach
St Lucia beach hut
Red sunset, St Lucia
The pool at Harmony Hall, Antigua
La Duphine Estate, St Lucia
Le Pitons, St Lucia
Jeff in Grenada
Villa Serendipity, view out
Nelson's Dockyard columns
Coconut beach, Grenada
Carib Cat, Antigua
Harmony Hall Cafe, Antigua
Villa Serendipity pool, St Lucia
St George, Grenada
Sugar Tower, Harmony Hall, Antigua
Coconut Beach, Grenada
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