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My main speciality is painting portraits of interiors. These range from private houses to public spaces (mostly historic), and also imaginary interiors. I derive my inspiration from Luigi Premazzi - an Italian artist who lived in St Petersburg in the mid 19th century and is famous for a series of exquisite watercolours of the Hermitage, which were the best records of the place, and subsequently were used by restorers during the restoration of the Hermitage buildings after the Second World War. The feeling of light, texture and space in his paintings is something that greatly inspires me.


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The Red Dining Room
Grand Staircase, St Pancras Hotel
"Posh Pirate" Shop, Antigua
67 Pall Mall
A Dining Room in Holland Park
The Sins of Gluttony and Lust. Watercolour 50x70cm
A Drawing Room, Holland Park
A House in Norfolk
Kenwood Library
The Morning Room, Norfolk
Library, Norfolk.
Winter Garden
The Red Drawing Room
A Drawing Room, Richmond
The Master Bedroom, Norfolk
Green Curtains
A room in Lambeth
The Library
The English Church, Copenhagen
The Salon, St Petersburg
Osterley House. The Long Gallery
The Yellow Drawing Room, Norfolk
Light Study
The Reform
The Kitchen
The Oxford and Cambridge Club,
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